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The AICP Wiki is the publishing platform for the AICP Administrative Manual. Please see the Table of Contents link on the "navigation" tool box to the left to access the manual.

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AICP Administrative Manual

The AICP Administrative Manual is a compilation of policies, guidelines, procedures, forms, etc. that establishes rules and guidelines by which the AICP conducts itself, its initiatives and its activities, and that provides documentation to aid various committees and teams in pursuing their respective functions.

Policies and Guidelines

Policies are broad-based statements of guiding principles that are intended to influence and/or determine a prudent course of action upon which decisions related to the policy need to be made. Policies and changes to policies require approval by the AICP Board of Directors since development of policy is integral to carrying out the mission of the AICP.

Policies originate from a conscious attempt to articulate a customary and general way of behaving. Thus, they are useful in producing some degree of standardization of behavior, as well as in socializing new committee members to the norms, beliefs, and values of the AICP.

Policies often necessitate the development of guidelines. Guidelines, however, do allow latitude and flexibility to committees, chapters and teams in deviating from what might otherwise be strict prescriptions (such as policies) and preventing undesirable deviations from acceptable norms.

Guidelines and revisions to guidelines generally do not require approval by the Board of Directors. However, guidelines, initiatives, plans and/or procedures may:

  • Involve important issues;
  • Go beyond the normal course of operations;
  • Involve significant commitment and/or financial resources; or
  • Relate to some higher profile/public issue.

In such instances, those guidelines, initiatives, plans and/or procedures may need to be presented to the Board of Directors for review. If in doubt, Board review should be the normal course prior to implementation of such guidelines, initiatives, plans and/or procedures.

Note: All AICP policies and guidelines are ultimately subject to the overall AICP activities and mission, as determined by the Board of Directors. They are all intended to comply and be consistent with the AICP corporate governance documents and all applicable laws and regulations.

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